Macski's Highland Haggis is made from natural lamb, steel cut oats, onions and spices. It is a true Scottish style haggis that does not use any beef or pork fillers. Macski's Bulk Highland Haggis is available in 1 and 4 lb. sizes, and comes in an oven-safe casing.
Macski's Highland Links are made from our same great tasting Highland Haggis that is stuffed into sausage casings. Great for a BBQ grille, our links come in a 4 per pound bun size.
Macski's Vegetarian Haggis was developed to offer the great taste of haggis to those that choose not to eat meat. Our vegetarian haggis was carefully developed to look, smell, and taste the way haggis should. Macski's Bulk Vegetarian Haggis is available in 1 lb. size, and comes in an oven-safe casing. Not a vegan product.
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